Welcome to the Walla Walla Basin Watershed Council!

Our mission is to protect the resources of the Walla Walla Watershed, deal with issues in advance of resource degradation and enhance the overall health of the watershed, while also protecting as far as possible the welfare, customs and cultures of the citizens residing in the basin.

The WWBWC was established and recognized by Umatilla County on May 18, 1994.  Initially we worked only in the Oregon side of the watershed, but our focus has broadened to encompass both the Oregon and Washington portions of the basin.

Download the WWBWC's Strategic Action Plan

What is a Watershed Council?

Watershed Councils are local, non-profit groups established to improve the condition of watersheds in their area.  In 1995, Oregon legislation authorized the creation of non-regulatory watershed councils to offer local residents the opportunity to evaluate watershed conditions and identify cost-effective and acceptable opportunities for improvement.  Watershed Councils help residents, local, state and federal agency staff and other groups implement scientifically informed restoration and education activities.


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