Board of Directors



The Walla Walla Basin Watershed Council is governed by a 13-person Board of Directors. The Council operates in fiscal and programmatic partnership with other organizations sharing its interests. The Council's activities include assessment of watershed conditions, planning and implementation of specific stewardship projects and programs aimed at improving the watershed, and education and outreach to citizens within and outside of the watershed. The current Board of Directors is listed below.

 Name Position  Term Ends
John Zerba Board Chair  12/31/2017
Dr. David Close Director  12/31/2018
Molly Reid Director  12/31/2018
Ed Chesnut Secretary/Treasurer  12/31/2017
Sean Roloff Director  12/31/2018
Robert Waldher Director  12/31/2016
Clark Lampson Director  12/31/2017
Malcolm Millar Director  12/31/2016
Vern Rodighiero Vice Chair  12/31/2018
Ralph Perkins Director  12/31/2016
Larry Widner Director  12/31/2016
Ray Williams Director  12/31/2017
Steve Irving Director  12/31/2018
Joelle Pomraning Director 12/31/2018



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