Anspach Anspach Aquifer Recharge Site

Construction Year: 2012

Recharge Seasons: 2012 - Present



Project Description   

The Anspach Aquifer Recharge site (Anspach site) was constructed in October 2012 using a combination of BPA and OWEB funding.  The site consists of 10 4” perforated drain field pipes running approximately 200 feet.  These pipes are buried 6-7 feet under the ground with ~1-2 foot of cleaned gravel under them and ~0.5-1 feet of cleaned gravel on top of them (for details see designs).  Water for this site is delivered down the Hudson Bay District Improvement Company’s system.  The water is delivered down the HBDIC’s White Ditch and then turned into a private pipeline/ditch.  The site’s turnout and valve are situated along this private ditch.  The site was designed to operate at a recharge rate of ~1 cubic foot per second (cfs).  The site was operated for a short duration during the end of the 2012-2013 recharge season and averaged approximately 0.50-0.75 cfs.  The lower than expected rate was due to limitations in the private ditch to convey more water.  In addition, the recharge site is below the other users on the private ditch/pipeline and is thus influenced by their usage.


Documents  Document Name   Download Documents
  Project Budget  
  Project Designs Click here to download
  Water Year 2013 Aquifer Recharge Report Click here to download
  Project Photos Click here for project photos 
  Grant Application Click here to download
  Grant Evaluation Click here to download
  Grant Agreement Click here to download


Contacts & Partners   Name  Role  Organization
   Jon Brough Site Construction  Hudson Bay District Improvement Company
  Steven Patten  Project Lead  Walla Walla Basin Watershed Council 
  John Fazio Project Engineer Fazio Engineering


 Grants & Funding  Organization  Contract #  Funding Amount
  Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)    
  Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) #210-6043   


 Project Map




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