Locher Locher Road Aquifer Recharge Site

Construction Year: 2007 & 2011

Recharge Seasons: 2007-2009 & 2011-Present



Project Description   

The Locher Road site, located at the intersection of Stateline Road and Locher Road, is a former gravel quarry that has been operated by Gardena Farms Irrigation District #13 (GFID) as an aquifer recharge (AR) site since 2007.  From 2006-2007 through the end of the 2010-2011 season, approximately 1/3 acre of the 4+ acre site was utilized for recharge.  In late 2011, the site was reconstructed to allow infiltration over a 2.5 acre portion of the site (see photos & designs).  Inflow volume rates at the site increased from approximately 1.3 cfs to 3.5-4 cfs.  

The Locher Road site has operated under successive one and two-year temporary use authorizations issued by Washington Department of Ecology.  In addition to the temporary use authorizations, in 2010 the Walla Walla Watershed Management Partnership (WWWMP), a locally led organization that co-manages Walla Walla Basin water resources with the State of Washington, passed a Local Water Plan (LWP) that allows GFID to utilize up to 5 cfs of its existing water right for the purpose of aquifer recharge (visit www.wallawallawatershed.org for more information about local water plans).  This authorization, like the temporary use authorization, is governed by the maintenance of minimum instream flows in the river (measured at the Detour Road stream gauge), water quality testing, and hydrologic monitoring in local wells and surface water points.    


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  Project Designs Click here to download
  Project Photos  Click here to view project photos 
  2005 Monitoring Plan Click here to download
  2011 Locher Pumping Test Click here to download
  Gardena Farms Local Water Plan Click here to download
  2013 Monitoring Plan (QAPP) Click here to download
  Project Annual Reports Click here to view


Contacts & Partners   Name  Role  Organization
  Stuart Durfee Site Operations Gardena Farms Irrigation District #13
  Steven Patten  Project Lead  Walla Walla Basin Watershed Council 


 Grants & Funding  Organization  Contract #  Funding Amount
  Washington Department of Ecology (WDOE)    
  Walla Walla Watershed Alliance    


 Project Map  


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