HW Hall-Wentland Aquifer Recharge Site

Construction Year: 2006

Recharge Seasons: 2006 - 2009



Project Description   

Shallow aquifer recharge (SAR) has been conducted seasonally at the Hall-Wentland (H-W) Site during the 2006-2009 winter-spring seasons. During this time SAR did successfully recharge the underlying, shallow alluvial aquifer system. Furthermore, H-W Site SAR activities did not noticeably degrade local groundwater quality. H-W Site SAR has been using passive infiltration focusing simply on letting water delivered to the site spread out across it, sink into the ground, and infiltrate through the vadose zone to the underlying alluvial aquifer system water table. The primary site improvement done for the project focused on the water delivery system (ditches) through which water reaches it. Sediment and vegetative debris was periodically removed from them. Ditches, trenches, and other structures that might have been dug on-site to facilitate infiltration of water into the ground were not dug at the H-W Site in any of the four SAR seasons. Water volumes delivered to the H-W Site were estimated from flow measurements collected at two locations, one where water was diverted from Wells Ditch into the ditch leading to the H-W Site (Branch Ditch) and one where the Branch Ditch enters the H-W Site. In the first SAR season, March and April 2006, the two water flow measurement points consisted of rectangular weirs. In subsequent SAR seasons, December 2006 through April 2007, April 2008, and February through April 2009, E-Z Flow® portable ramp flumes were installed at the upper end and lower end of the Branch Ditch to measure water flow. For all four SAR seasons, water flow through the measurement structures was calculated from stage (water depth) data recorded by a pressure transducer-datalogger installed on the upstream sides of the measurement structures. Water volumes estimated to have been diverted to the H-W Site in each of the four SAR seasons are as follows:

• 82 acre-feet diverted from Wells Ditch, with 68 acre-feet r to the H-W Site in the 40 day-long 2006 SAR season. 

• 140 acre-feet diverted from Wells Ditch, with 106 acre-feet delivered to the H-W Site in the 116 day-long 2007 SAR season.

• 15.7 acre-feet diverted from Wells Ditch, with 14.9 acre-feet delivered to the H-W Site in the 14 day-long 2008 SAR season.

• 179.3 acre-feet diverted from Wells Ditch, with 171.8 acre-feet delivered to the HW Site in the 68 day-long 2009 SAR season.


Documents  Document Name   Download Documents
  Project Budget  
  2008-2009 H-W Water Quality Plan Click here to download 
  H-W Strategic Plan  Click here to download 
  2005 H-W Water Quality Test Plan Click here to download
  Annual Project Reports Click here to view reports
  Project Photos Click here to view project photos


Contacts & Partners   Name  Role  Organization
  Steven Patten  WWBWC Lead  Walla Walla Basin Watershed Council 
  Tom Page  Site Operator  Local Landowner 
  Kevin Lindsey Hydrogeologist GSI Water Solutions
  John Fazio Project Engineer Fazio Engineering


 Grants & Funding  Organization  Contract #  Funding Amount
  Washington Department of Ecology (WDOE)     


 Project Map  


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