EastTrolley East Trolley Aquifer Recharge Site
Construction Year: 2013


Project Description   
The East Trolley Lane Aquifer Recharge site was constructed in October 2013.  The project includes 4 lines of 4" perforated pipes each running approximately 600 feet along Trolley Lane.  This project is expected to help mitigate for potential groundwater impacts from the Trolley Lane piping project.  The project is also expected to help improve spring flows in Lewis Prong/Walsh Creek, the West Little Walla Walla River and reduce seepage loss from the West Little Walla Walla River.  This project was funded by the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and Bonneville Power Administration.


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  Project Budget  
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Contacts & Partners   Name  Role  Organization
  Don Jackson  Site Construction  Premier Excavation
  Steven Patten Project Lead  Walla Walla Basin Watershed Council 
  Lance Horning Project Engineer Lance Horning Engineering


 Grants & Funding  Organization  Contract #  Funding Amount
  Oregon Waterhsed Enhancement Board (OWEB)  #210-6043   
  Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)     


 Project Map  

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