PSP locations Pesticide Stewardship Partnership Project
Project Year: 2005 - Present


Project Description   

The purpose of this project is to protect and improve water quality in the Walla Walla Basin affected by orchard agricultural practices. This implemented collaborative process relied upon local partnerships to conduct surface water monitoring with the main focus on current use pesticides. The toolbox of agricultural practices used in the project includes pesticide BMPs; integrated pest management, precision pesticide timing, and use of pesticides with lower toxicity to aquatic life. Performance measures include effectiveness monitoring in-stream and management practice changes by acreage.

There is a strong, longstanding agricultural partnership in the Walla Walla Basin between the tree fruit growers (Blue Mountain Horticultural Society), the Walla Walla Basin Watershed Council, the Oregon State University Extension Service (OSU Milton-Freewater Extension), and Washington State University to support and encourage stewardship of natural resources. This project supports in-stream effectiveness monitoring for implementation of a broad range of new agricultural management practices designed to lessen pesticide impacts on local waterways. Specific water quality goals are to lower concentrations, loading, and toxicity of pesticidal compounds used to combat insect pests in orchards.  The goal of this project was to assess, protect, and improve the water quality of the Walla Walla and Little Walla Walla River systems during periods of organophosphate pesticide application.


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  2009 PSP Report Click here to download
  2010 PSP Report Click here to download 
  2011 PSP Report Click here to download
  2013 PSP Report Click here to download


Contacts & Partners   Name  Role  Organization
  Troy Baker WWBWC PSP Lead Walla Walla Basin Watershed Council 
  Kevin Masterson  ODEQ Lead  Oregon Department of Environmental Quality 


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