Monitoring Well Network


The Walla Walla Basin Watershed Council currently monitors about 100 wells in the Walla Walla Valley. Below is a Google map showing the location of each well. To view and download available data, click on an orange marker.  Data are updated on a quarterly basis.  The Google Earth (.kml) file is also available for download by clicking on the link below.  Please download the Metadata README file for information about data quality and data table information. For information regarding how the groundwater data were collected please see the WWBWC's Standard Operating Procedures.

If you have questions about this page or our groundwater monitoring network, please contact:

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Download the Groundwater Metadata README file

Download the WWBWC's Standard Operating Procedures

Download the Google Earth Groundwater .kml file


WWBWC Near Real-Time Groundwater Monitoring Stations


Johnson Recharge Observation Well (GW 46)


Fruitvale Recharge Observation Well (GW 171)


LeFore Recharge Observation Well (GW 152)


Mud Creek Recharge Observation Well (GW 170)


Chuckhole Recharge Observation Well (GW 169)


OWRD Umatilla County Groundwater Level Data


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