2016 WWBWC Project Tour Report

The WWBWC held a project tour on March 12, 2016 to introduce community members to the kinds of projects the watershed council is working on in our basin.  22 people attended the tour including local community members, a county commissioner, a state senator and consultants.  Below are a photos from the event.  You can download a copy of the Project Tour Notebook here.

CPT 1    CPT 2 

 Brian Wolcott introducing the

Walla Walla Basin


 State Senator Bill Hansell discussing

water legislation

 CPT 3    CPT 4

 Steven Patten explaining the Aquifer

Recharge Program


 Steven Patten talking about the

Johnson Aquifer Recharge Site

CPT 6   CPT 7

Nursery Bridge Drop Structure on the

Walla Walla River


Brian Wolcott discussing river conditions

within the levee

CPT 8   CPT 9
Monitoring presentation after lunch  

Brian Wolcott explaining the Lampson

Levee Setback Project

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