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  Marie Dorian Park Ecology Mural 
   Project Year: 2002


Project Description   

An educational mural portraying a typical cross-section of the Walla Walla River has been painted on a wall at the Marie Dorian City Park.  This site has historical significance for Milton-Freewater and is also the site of a former dam that was removed in 1998.  The mural includes depiction of the riparian zone and associated land and aquatic life (plants, animals, fish, insects, and people).  A key with information in Spanish and English will be located nearby to help visitors understand the diversity of life and habitat supported by the river. 

You can read about the development of the mural at the artist's website: http://www.poppenga.homestead.com/WallaWallaRiverMural.html


    Blue Eyed Darner                                                                           Oregon Old World Butterfly

   BlueEyedDarner        OregonOldWorld



Bull Trout

bull trout


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  Application Evaluation Click here to download


Contacts & Partners   Name  Role  Organization
  Carol Poppenga  Mural Artist  Articulations 
  Brian Wolcott  Project Manager  WWBWC 


 Grants & Funding  Organization  Contract #  Funding Amount
  Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board  #201-052 $5,500


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